Born in Denpasar, 1986. Graduated from The Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology.

Dated back to his college time in advertising major class, Adi realised that his passion for appealing visual communication could only be fulfilled by crafting the execution well.

Started his body of works by executing his classmates’ art direction, Adi then lately met with Doddy ‘Obenk’ Ismail – a fine art photographer whose name was rarely found in national publication, but oftenly typed on international curatorial papers.

After being triggered by Obenk’s lavishing sense of organic lights & colours, it was then Gerard Adi – professional commercial photographer who polished Adi’s character with effective industrial know-how.

Despite of his deceiving dubious skinny look, Adi’s photographic works have been continually serving for clients & brands from across the globe.

His strong beliefs that idea and knowledge are open-sources also brought him to do lectures in various places on demand.

Beside his endless passion for distinctive photographic image making, he is also a keen practitioner of Kendo – the Japanese ‘Way of The Sword’.