Born in Jakarta, 1985. Graduated from The Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology.

He learnt the basic art form of photography as a medium to serve and to deliver messages from his first teacher – Doddy “Obenk” Ismail – a fine-art photographer based in Bali, whom he met during his college years.

After graduating from college, he learnt again from his second teacher, Gerard Adi, a commercial photographer based in Jakarta, who taught him the basic technique to deliver images within the standards of commercial photography industry in his own country.

But even with those two great teachers, his curiosity still made him want to know more about photography, so he set a break and embarked on a leap of faith journey to find an answer of his ultimate question: “What is a good photograph?”

In the middle of his journey, fate brought him encountered with his third teacher, Takahito Sato, an award winning international photographer who based in the heart of Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan. From Sato-san’s guidance, he realized his own vision about photography and found the answer of his question which lies in his heart all along.

Back to now, his new journey had begun, to bring his vision into life through his works. He believes that a “good photograph” is the one that we can connect our soul & feelings into.

His range of brands included BNI, Coca-cola, Holcim, HM Sampoerna’s, Indomie, Metro Dept. Store, Padma Hotels & Resorts, Telkomsel, Toyota Yaris, Tri, UOB, Wardah Cosmetics, and many more.